BIOLOGISTIX™ is at the forefront of research management by providing the most rigorous and robust environment in which to track controlled substances and maintain compliance with all governmental regulations and mandates.

SIVCO is pleased to announce the availability of an innovative software product designed for the needs of the scientific research community. Widely considered the premier solution on the market today, BIOLOGISTIX™ provides a comprehensive approach to chemical management throughout the entire lifecycle of chemical, biological, radioactive and hazardous substances within large-scale university and corporate research environments.

Comprised of seven major management modules, BIOLOGISTIX™ easily facilitates:
  • Biological Material Tracking
  • Inventory Management and Control
  • Biosafety Permit and Inspection Governance
  • Biosafety Labs
  • Cabinet Regulation
  • Resource Management and System Security

The ultimate goal is to provide universities and research firms with the ability to:
  • make bioagent inventory management an effortless and simple process by reducing the amount of labor and frustration involved in tracking biological material inventory
  • fully govern the issuance and management of biosafety permits for biological substances
  • efficiently manage biosafety labs, cabinets, autoclave licensing and inspections
  • empower users with information presented in a well organized, concise and highly usable manner
  • reduce overall labor, administration, paper and surplus costs resulting in significant annual savings
  • readily facilitate regulatory compliance by providing the frame work in which all governing agencies can monitor and control biological inventory

With broad functionality to facilitate Biological Material Tracking, Inventory Management, Biosafety Permit and Inspection Governance, Biosafety Labs, Cabinet Regulation and Resource Management, BIOLOGISTIX™ is at the forefront of research management by providing the most rigorous and robust environment in which to track controlled substances and maintain compliance with governmental regulations and mandates.


  • scalable
  • fully customizable
  • fully integrated with CHEMATIX and the Environmental Safety Suite

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A brief overview of each of these main elements is outlined on the following paragraphs:

Biological Material Inventory Management is the essential management module, which allows BIOLOGISTIX™ to store detailed information about every regulated substance in the system. This detail provides the foundation for regulatory compliance, environmental safety, and inventory, research, and budget control. All substances are tracked via unique identifiers associated with approved biosafety permits, research project approval and responsible owner certification. Storage location including laboratories, biosafety cabinets, freezers, autoclaves and specific shelves are also associated with biological inventory. A complete history of each regulated agent is maintained from point of entry to elimination as waste. This module also provides the big picture view of biological material tracking and the ability to manage various aspects of regulated laboratory inventory of controlled substances. A multitude of user-configurable reports and views can be generated to view specific location inventories, hazardous material counts, historical profiles, inspection histories, etc. The scope of this module includes:
  • tracking of biological material description, bioagent class, risk group, select agent status, associated strain, associated insert(s), container size, origin, specimen source, responsible owner, storage location (shipping address, building name and number, laboratory room number, specific storage location (cabinet, shelf, freezer, etc.), vendor (manufacturer) name, purchase (receipt) date and quantity
  • ability to associate bioagent, principal investigator, and location to bioagent profiles from pre-populated drop-down lists
  • maintenance of a master list of regulated bioagents by Environmental Health and Safety with associated class, description, strain and insert(s)
  • instant access to real-time inventories for every campus location containing biological material inventory tracked by the system, complete with location address and responsible owner
  • comprehensive and user-defined report generation of inventory summaries for campus- wide, departmental and individual laboratory bioagent inventory records by associated personnel (administrators, faculty, staff, graduate students, etc.) and Environmental Health and Safety regulators searchable by item description, bioagent class, risk group and selected agent status
  • pre-loaded list of biological material supply vendors and manufacturers available as a drop-down list for association with new and/or existing inventory
  • ability of users to associate biological agents with new manufacturers/vendors with automatic addition of new entries to existing lists
  • strict control of bioagent inventory through mandatory association with biosafety permits, approved research projects, licensed biosafety cabinets and training certification for users and principal investigators.

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Biosafety Permit Control allows regulatory officials to comprehensively oversee the issuance, review, and regulation of biosafety permits required for the acquisition, control, and storage of regulated biological substances for use in scientific research.  Biosafety Committee management as related to biosafety permits is also facilitated.  Some of the highlights include:
  • tracking of all biosafety permits according to permit number, permit type, principal investigator, approved bioagents (bioagent class, risk group and selected agent status), associated research project, associated usage locations, storage location, approved users, animals involved in research (IACUC number), associated biosafety cabinets, approval date, expiry date, permit status, description, associated amendments, contingencies and modifications, review date, inspection date, biosafety committee actual review date and audit frequency
  • capacity to sort and print biosafety permit reports based on permit type, permit status, review date, biosafety committee actual review date, expiration date, principal investigator, bioagent description, bioagent class, risk group and select agent status
  • ability to add principal investigators, permit types, permit status, bioagents, locations, users and research animals to biosafety permits from pre-populated drop-down lists
  • ability of biosafety committee members to modify, amend and add contingencies to permits
  • maintenance of all biosafety committee members as users in the system
  • capacity to generate biosafety committee agendas from existing and newly submitted biosafety permits
  • email notification to all biosafety committee members of upcoming agendas with references to be reviewed and/or approved

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Biosafety Cabinet Regulation consists of complete management over the licensing and inspections of biosafety cabinets, autoclaves and laboratories used for the proper handling of biological materials.  Detailed information about each cabinet registered in the system as well as associated inspection history is captured according to:
  • biosafety cabinet profile, including cabinet ID, responsible principal investigator(s), permit number, permit expiry, serial number, make/model, manufacturer, location, class, UV light status and cabinet description
  • ability to associate location, manufacturer, make/model and class with biosafety cabinet profile from pre-populated drop-down lists
  • biosafety cabinet inspection profile, including inspection date, inspector name, UV light reading, approved status and comments/recommendations
  • control of biosafety cabinet master list by Environmental Health and Safety personnel
  • user-configurable report generation of biosafety cabinet information sortable by location, principal investigator, permit expiry, class, status, inspection date and permit number
  • comprehensive biosafety cabinet inspection history report generation

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Resource Management provides and restricts access to all levels of the BIOLOGISTIX™ system.  User profiles are created for varying levels of access including individual users, departments, regulators and committee members.  User administration is constructed hierarchically to ensure maximum system security.  The highlights of this module are:
  • username and password access to system
  • hierarchical chain of command system security with broadest range of access and control granted to primary levels
  • superuser administration with ability to add/modify user profile and restrict access to system
  • user profile, which includes ID(s), email, given name, last name, middle initial as well as phone alternate and fax numbers
  • maintenance of emergency contact information including name and phone number
  • departmental (or multiple departmental) association with users and locations
  • designation of principal investigators responsible for bioagent inventory and locations
  • designation of Active Permit Authority status for all users, which grants / restricts viewable inventory privileges and outlines specific privileges regarding the handling of regulated biological materials and proper waste disposal
  • complete management of all biological material handling and safety training, including class enrollment. scheduling, certified status and access authority
  • accommodation of different levels of security for administrative personnel
  • access to all areas of the system governed by specific administrative personnel
  • downloadable list of campus locations to facilitate the addition/modification of locations to departments and users
  • emergency response team access to all biological inventory and hazardous materials in critical situations, with the ability of transmitting biological inventory information to handheld web-enabled devices of responders
  • ability for all users to modify personal profile and password
  • ability to integrate with campus authentications system

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