Fire Extinguisher Inspection
Fire Safety Inspection

Fire Safety Inspection
The Fire Safety module allows tracking of fire extinguishers and related service and testing data, along with Fire Drill records.
The following information is available for each fire extinguisher:
  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Barcode Number (unique identifier in the Inspection application)
  • Weight (size) of extinguisher
  • Installed Date
  • Refilled Date
  • Hydrostatic Test date
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Class
  • Agent
The Lab Condition Details can be set up to include information on Sprinklers in a lab. Fire extinguishers may be inspected either on a building or route basis. The comments can be changed as needed and each comment can be associated with a pass or fail of the inspection. In addition to the standard comments, the inspector has the ability to enter a specific comment on any extinguisher inspected. Routes are a collection of buildings, floors and locations grouped together for inspection purposes. This allows the inspector to set up a flow that they can easily follow for inspection purposes. Routes can be downloaded to a stand-alone portable device (i.e. a netbook) that can be used during the inspection. The inspection results can then be uploaded to the system when finished. This allows the inspections to be performed quickly and easily as the inspector follows their route. A number of reports are available for fire extinguishers. The extinguisher inventory in a building can be downloaded at any time. The required safety procedure can be uploaded to specific links within the system.

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