OARS - Online Accident Reporting System
The Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) has been developed to make reporting easier, provide consistency in reporting data, assess trends and ultimately contribute to injury prevention. Originally developed in conjunction with the University of Washington, the intention of the system is to electronically automate the process of reporting work-related injuries and illnesses on campus through an offering of mandatory forms via online access.

OARS features:

  • online submission of accident and near miss reporting
  • the processing and updating of OSHA forms
  • the ability to track, review and modify existing reports
  • access for Environmental Health & Safety personnel to review and modify submitted reports
  • the processing of the OSHA 300 log form
  • the processing of OSHA 300 summary worksheets
  • the ability to connect with university ID and authentication systems
  • e-mail notification for report submission and review

Accurate and timely reporting of work-related injuries, illnesses and near misses is critical to providing a safe and healthful work environment. OARS has been developed to comply with the new OSHA record keeping rules.

OARS is a fully web-enabled solution created within the framework of J2EE technology, our standard approach to software design and development. This allows for maximized application flexibility by utilizing technologies that can be implemented across heterogeneous systems and server database engines in an environment of hardware and software independence. 

OARS is:

  • scalable
  • fully customizable
  • able to integrate with existing authentication systems
  • fully integrated with CHEMATIX and the Environmental Safety Suite

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